Owner Consultant

​​​​​​​Stephanie Gerding

As an accomplished survey and focus group methodologist, Stephanie has conducted multiple assessment and evaluation studies for clients including non-profit organizations, library organizations, and State Libraries. Project work with national library organizations such as PLA, COSLA, TechSoup, library consortiums, and state libraries brings a thorough knowledge of the current state of US libraries. Stephanie works with library consultant Brenda Hough to deliver successful online focus groups for assessment and evaluation projects.

 National library needs assessment and project management for the IMLS/Gates grant funded Continuing Education Connector project led by COSLA, the Chief Officers of State Libraries, (2014-2015)
 Lead consultant for needs assessment and evaluation for California State Library’s library training program, including annual evaluation of Eureka Leadership initiative.
 Consulting and training with TechSoup, PLA, and the Urban Libraries Council on the technology benchmarking Edge Initiative library assessment. Currently online trainer for Advocacy, Partnerships, Assessment, and Technology classes.
 Advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Global Libraries program, grant reviewer for Public Library Association grants.
 Member of the Gates’s Library Impact Consortium working towards efforts to help libraries measure, understand and communicate the impact they are having in meeting community needs.
 Consultant and trainer for the Public Library Association's national advocacy project, Turning the Page 2.0.
 Designed outcome-based needs assessment, core competencies, evaluation process, and training plans for the Arizona and New Mexico state-wide library training programs, including coordinating and marketing over 100 annual continuing education workshops and conferences
 Managing, facilitating, planning and outcome based evaluation of a 10-month Library Leadership Academy for Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Chandler Public Libraries
 TechSoup for Libraries Outreach and Content Manager. Overseeing interview process of public librarians to share success stories in achieving technology benchmarks and to provide models and best practices. Evaluation and reporting of library statistical information for TechSoup Global online learning program.
 Developed, implemented, and evaluated a three-year training plan addressing Library Practitioner Core Competencies using the Western Council of State Libraries’ IMLS funded Continuum of Library Education
 Representative for IMLS Outcome Based Evaluation Task Force on Library Continuing Education. Designed and implemented a training initiative for frontline library staff in multiple libraries.

 Certified trainer for the Public Library Association in strategic planning, facilitation, staffing, and advocacy.
 Team of six trainers responsible for training and producing curriculum for technology training for Gates Foundation library grant recipients, 2-5 day weekly workshops including: pre-assessments, scheduling, goal setting, activities, evaluations, facilitation and training
 Expert grant writer, reviewer, and trainer with experience in outcome based evaluation, currently conducting grants training for the California Staff Innovation Fund project.