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Articles in Public Libraries:

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Stephanie's second book, The Accidental Technology Trainer, was published by Information Today. If you are an Accidental Library Technology Trainer – Congratulations and welcome to a large and growing group!

This book is for the many librarians who find themselves responsible for conducting technology training, whether in a computer lab, a classroom or just one-on-one with the public. Its purpose is to provide reassurance by conveying practical methods for training success. Many new librarians are surprised to find that training is a large part of their jobs despite the fact that they may not have been taught training skills in library school. Training may seem like a huge mystery, but with the help of this book, readers will be able to train more effectively, need less time for preparation and have successful training experiences in their libraries.

The Accidental Library Technology Trainer provides the tools and instruction you need along with advice from library training experts who have much wisdom to share.

Download these sections from the book: 
Table of Contents; 
Chapter One; 
About the Author; 
Also, Chapter 11 links are available on the Library Resources page.

1. Being an Accidental Technology Trainer
2. Discovering Training Principles
3. Identifying Library Technology Training Skills
4. Knowing Your Library Learners 
5. Learning Interactively 
6. Creating & Maintaining Interest 
7. Planning Technology Training 
8. Organizing and Designing the Workshop
9. Dealing with Difficult Library Training Situations
10. Examining Best Practices in Library Technology Training
11. Keeping Current and Sharing Resources


“Offers insights into training successfully in any kind of library setting. … Do yourself a favor and dive right in.” Joan Frye Williams, Library & Information Technology Consultant

“Should be required reading for all librarians in public, special, and post-secondary libraries who interact with adults in training, teaching, coaching, and supervisory situations. ... What a pleasure to have a thoroughly intelligent, readable, and enjoyable book for professional development!” Mary Bushing, Library Consultant and Educator

“Librarians have become navigators on the sea of the Internet, andThe Accidental Technology Trainer is a tool as useful as a compass! This book will strengthen those professional training skills that are essential for successful 21st-century librarians.” Susan Hildreth, former State Librarian of California, IMLS Director

"If you are falling into the role of library technology trainer, this book is your safety net, with tips, techniques, and strategies for success." Mary Bucher Ross, training consultant, former manager of staff development at the Seattle Public Library


Stephanie's publications focus on training, technology, and fundraising for libraries.


Articles and Online Resources

  • Library Grants Blog, co-creator and author, 2005-present
  • Transforming Public Library Patron Technology Training, in Library Technology Reports, September 2011.
  • Tips and Resources for Finding Grants, Online Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2008.
  • Public Libraries Columnist, Bringing in the Money, Public Library Association 01/2005-04/2007
  • 10 Things You Need to Know and Do When Applying for Technology Grants, published in Computers in Libraries 07/2006
  • Grant Writing Basics, University of North Texas Online Tutorial, 01/2006
  • Training Technology Trainers published in Computers in Libraries 08/2003
  • Small Libraries, Big Fundraising published in Computers in Libraries, 02/2003
  • HALS Paper published: Guidelines for a Core Spanish Language Collection9/2002
  • A Volunteer Librarian in South Africa: My Experiences with the WLP Inform the World Program, in Interface, 2/2001.
  • Multiple articles for NM Library Association newsletter and NM State Library newsletter
  • Curriculum and handouts published on WebJunction.org

The Reviews are IN!

Grants for Libraries: A How-To-Do-It Manual, order it from 
the Neal-Schuman website or Amazon.com.

Library Journal, Starred Review: “Grants for Libraries is like the Boy Scouts’ field manual when it comes to grant-writing and development: it is an essential, authoritative, step-by-step guidebook to securing the funding your library needs….this essential “how-to” manual makes a complex topic comprehensible. Grab it and go “granting”!”

Booklist: "This book should be at the side of every grant-writing librarian."

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