Stephanie Gerding

Workshops and webinars


Stephanie Gerding

Seattle, Washington, United States




University Courses

  • University of Washington Information School: MLIS Grants Course, 2017-2025
  • San Jose State University, School of Information: Graduate Grants Course, 2021-2023

Webinars and Workshops

  • ARSL, Winning Grants: Strategies for Rural and Small Library Success, 5/2024
  • California Libraries Learn (CALL), Library Grants Webinar Series, 2024
  • Arrowhead Library System, MN In-person Winning Grants Workshop, 2024
  • Panhandle Library Access Network: Winning Grants Webinar Series, 2022
  • Library Journal: Webinar Moderator, New Federal Funding for Libraries, 2021
  • Library 2.020 Worldwide Virtual Conference: Presenter, Winning Grants for Small and Rural Libraries
  • Tampa Bay Library Consortium: Winning Library Grants webinar, 2020
  • Infopeople: Logic Models: Build Better Outcome-based Programs and Grant Projects, 2020; Library Grants 101, 2018-2019; Getting Started with Community Needs Assessments, 2018
  • Minnesota Regional Library Systems: Winning Library Grants, 2019
  • Delaware Division of Libraries: Professional Development Curriculum, 2017-18
  • Public Library Association (PLA): Dynamic Planning workshops, 2017-18
  • Northeast Ohio Regional Library System: Winning Library Grants webinar, 2017
  • Timberland Libraries: Winning Library Grants workshop, 2017
  • PCI Webinars: Design Thinking for Libraries, 2017; “Easy” Fundraising: Gain Community Support, Promote the Library, and Boost Your Budget, 2017
  • SEFLIN: Library Grants, 2016
  • TechSoup: Webinar Producer, 2015
  • COSLA CE Connector: Project Manager, IMLS grant involving State Libraries and Continuing Education, 2014-2015
  • Kentucky Library Association: Easy Fundraising and Advocacy workshops, 2014
  • Public Library Association: The Accidental Public Library Technology Trainer, 2011-2014
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Motivating Library Learners to Advance Digital Literacy, 2012
  • CRDF Global: Gates Foundation Access to Learning Award, Reviewer, 2014
  • Southern Maryland Regional Library System: The Accidental Technology Trainer, 2012-2013
  • Washington State Library: Technology Training webinar series, 2013
  • Texas State Library: BTOP funded Technology Training at the Library, 2013
  • American Library Association (ALA): How to Win Grants for Your Library, 2012; Keynote Speaker, ABLA Convention, Dominican Republic, 2012
  • Infopeople: Leadership Institute Evaluation and Advisor, 2015-2016; Statewide Training Needs Assessment, 2015-2017
  • Arizona State Library: Various training workshops, 2006-present
  • WebJunction: Training webinars, 2010-present

Needs Assessments

  • California Libraries Learn (CALL): Continuing Education Needs Assessment, 2021, 2022, 2024
  • State Library of Oregon: Continuing Education Needs Assessment, 2017, 2021

Project Evaluation

  • Arizona State University: IMLS Grant Evaluator for “Digital POWRR Peer Assessments: Empowering Collective Evaluation and Action", Facilitation Skills webinar, 2021-25
  • California Library Association: Leadership Training Program Evaluator, 2021
  • Project Outcome: Regional Training, Arizona, South Carolina, & Oregon, 2017
  • CALIFA: Leadership Training Evaluation, 2017